If you need 5 good reasons to eat more fruit – here’s a winner’s list.

  1. They are nutrient rich

Fruit is always high in vitamin C, and if it’s watermelon you also get a good supply of carotenoids, or a banana for potassium, and berries for lots of fiber too. All fruit is good, not only for rich sources of vitamins, but also for their health enhancing flavonoids and phytochemicals.

  1. They are low in calories

Fruit is usually low in calories per serving; they are typically 85% water. Fruits are great for satiety, you feel fuller eating whole fruit, compared to sauces or juices (like apple sauce, juice).

  1. They protect the heart and brain

Studies show eating fruit helps lower systolic blood pressure by 8 to 14 points, about the same as some drugs. It may be the result of the potassium in fruit, which is known to lower blood pressure. For years studies have consistently shown that those who eat more fruit have a lower risk of heart attack or stroke.

  1. They offer convenience

Most fruits come nearly ready to eat. A quick wash, peel or cut a few slices and you are enjoying their sweetness in just seconds. Fruits keep well too, if it’s whole, normally they need no refrigeration.

  1. They are inexpensive

Fresh fruit in season is relatively inexpensive. Bananas are cheap year around. With modern transportation an amazing variety of fruit is almost always available; be sure to get your healthy share.

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