From a satisfied customer: "I want to thank you for the speedy service your company provided to us. We were able to use the banners for our 6th annual Let's Move Day. Many Thanks." Delma

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Expo at the US Capitol

A few weeks ago Hartland Institute obtained a special permit and do health expo screening at the US Capitol building parking lot.  Numerous Congressional staff assistants went through the screening and expressed appreciation for the...

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Sugar in Food vs. Substitutes

Sugar in Food vs Sugar Substitutes Michael F. Jacobson • January 1, 2015 What are sugar substitutes? Sugar substitutes are sweet substances or products that have no calories or far fewer calories than regular sugar (sucrose). Some are artificial, and some are derived...

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Does Soy Affect Thyroid Function?

Should you avoid soy to protect your thyroid? The real story: “Eating soy foods doesn’t harm the thyroid glands of most people,” says Hossein Gharib, president of the American Thyroid Association and an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in...

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Are You Exercising Winter or Not?

Everyone agrees we need exercise, but that doesn’t mean everyone if doing it. Summer time is often too hot, not winter time is “too cold”; but the body suffers without it. Did you know the after-effects of exercising? Glucose continues to be utilized by muscle cells...

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Obesity’s Leading Causes

by Dr. Neal Barnard For the first time since 2004, obesity rates are climbing in the United States. The news – recently released in a CDC report – took many by surprise. How could this have happened, headlines wondered, despite widespread national efforts to prevent...

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