Children’s Health Expo



The Children’s Health Expo concept is an innovative and attractive way to present to 7 to 12 year-old children the different health principles. The Expo has 8 stations where the children have fun while learning about their wellness.

Each station deals with a special health topic which is presented to the children through games, quizzes, activities and singing. After about 2½ hours the children receive a certificate which testifies of their participation.

See the committee presentation kit for more information to share with your team.

Note from the picture of the banners – they come with name of the health principle in three or four languages, making it interesting for various cultures.


Children's Expo Activity Materials

The Children's Expo Activity Materials is a downloadable file and includes a manual, printable game materials, melodies and more to make your Children's Expo an exciting and engaging event. If purchased alone this download is a $59 value but is included with the Children's Health Expo at no additional cost.

Box 1: Children's Expo Banners 1-4

Box 2: Children's Expo Banners 5-8

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You can easily organize your own Expo by ordering the 8 banners and the Children’s Health Expo Materials Download included in this product; this activity download containing a manual, printable game materials, melodies and much more.

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