Adult Health Expo Package (16 Banners + Screening Kit)

Starting at $1995

The HER set of 16 full color Health Expo Banners provide an interesting and credible setting for the expo and capture the best in both photography and text. There are two banners for each health principle (30.5″ wide, 6′ tall), each one emphasizing the practical aspects of a healthful lifestyle. For additional information on our banners see the descriptions below.

Download the committee presentation kit for more information to share with your team.


Screening Package

We now have two sizes of Screening Equipment Packages to choose from. If you estimate that you will have 100 attendees or less you should select the small venue package and if you think between 200 to 500 people will come you should consider the large venue package. By purchasing these packages you save hundreds of dollars compared to their individual prices. See the chart below for details.

Small Venue Kit (up to 100 attendees)
Qty. Product Description Value
1 Omron HBF-510W $89
2000 Station Handouts

100 each of 20 topics



1 Manual $39
1 Massage Training DVD $19
1 Height Chart $20
1 Peak Flow Meter $35
1 Oximeter $30
100 Mouthpieces $25
1 Health Age License $99
Total Value $555
Your price if ordered with banners $300
Large Venue Kit (200 to 500 attendees)
Qty. Product Description Value
2 Omron HBF-510W $178
10000 Station Handouts

500 each of 20 topics

2 Manual $70
1 Massage Training DVD $19
2 Height Chart $40
2 Peak Flow Meter $70
2 Oximeter $60
500 Mouthpieces $100
4 Health Age Lic – Download $276
Total Value $1811
Your price if ordered with banners $895



Replacement banners

Any time in the future should you loose or damage a banner you can have it replaced. $195 for the banner only, includes shipping; or the banner and the roll up frame for $295 includes shipping.

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